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We have a comprehensive chat feature

1 On 1 Video Chat

Video chat online in HD with anyone in the world Directly in your web browser, no need to download anything.

More Friendly

 More Friendly Chat features provide you space to connect with strangers anytime anywhere in the world. You don't need to install any software or application to use our live chat services.

Secure Text Chat

Securely chat means that your only person can read the messages until you connect with the next stranger.

Group Video Chat

Don't limit yourself to video chatting with only one friend. Imviclub allows you to make online video calls/video chat or  conferences with several friends
at the same time.

Strangers/Friends Voice Chat

Use your voice to chat with strangers or friends, it is safe, simple and convenient.

Keep Customer's Secret

We keep the customer's information completely confidential, keep the customer's personal privacy, and will not disclose any information.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, there is no problem in finding a safe and reliable chat site on the Internet, communicating with friends or family members and strangers in the world, breaking geographical boundaries, opening up, and getting rid of boredom and loneliness. 

Alternatively, you can also get to know another person. Share your thoughts and joys, interests and hobbies, communicate in a friendly and safe way, and come to our website to let you know more people and become more youthful will!

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Customer Review

My colleague recommended this site to me and I am very happy, I have met friends from another country on this site and I love it.
Ellie Martin
During the holidays, I googled the site, video chatted with friends and had a lot of fun. I will recommend it to more friends.
Tom Smith
Tired of a single language chat site, I finally found a multilingual chat site, through this site I learned another language,
Allison Lucy
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